Welcome to Gamer Productions!

Please read this first before anything else!

Hello and welcome to Gamer Productions Official Website! Visited from coast to coast like a YouTube video. From YouTube to Newgrounds, Twitter to Instagram, all the rage on this webpage and all the other environments on this World Wide Web, your host for updates and others Gamer Prod. related. Welcome.

That bit of text above was an inspiration from Marvin Yagoda's opening message for Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Meuseum. See, thats what we're all about: Being silly for the sake of your entertainment. If you didn't know, hi, I'm Nicholas "NickSka" Carniello, the founder of Gamer Prod. and the animator. If you want to know a litle more about us, go to the about us page.

If you're wondering how this was made, go here for the layout builder (that I didn't credit in the first version of the website).

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